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Don’t Miss Litchfield’s (More than 50) Scarecrows in the Meadow

The Litchfield Historical Society’s 4th annual Scarecrows in the Meadow is a Halloween/harvest season tradition so enchanting it merits TV news coverage from WFSB Channel 3, the CBS affiliate in Connecticut.

Each year, local businesses, non-profits, public school students, and families create scarecrows that run the gamut from silly to scary and the historical society displays them in the charming Tapping Reeve Meadow behind the Tapping Reeve House and Litchfield Law School.

The more than 50 scarecrows on display this year made their official debut in an opening celebration Oct. 14 and remain on view through Oct. 31. Visitors are welcome every day from dawn to dusk and can even vote for their favorites. The Litchfield Historical Society awards prizes such as Most Creative, Funniest, and Best in Show.

The Tapping Reeve Meadow is located at 82 South St. behind the nation’s first law school, which is open as a museum with free admission, Wednesday through Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“The Tapping Reeve House and Litchfield Law School takes visitors on a journey through the 19th century life of a real student who came to Litchfield for an education at the Litchfield Law School or the Litchfield Female Academy,” the historical society explains on its website. “Through role-playing, hands-on areas, and interpretive exhibits, each visitor explores timeless issues of travel, communication, education, and community. … Touring the school showcases the evolution of law education and instruction, while exploring how Litchfield became home to such a valuable institution.”

Two vice presidents, 28 U.S. Senators, 101 members of the House, six cabinet members, and three U.S. Supreme Court justices were among the leaders educated at the law school.

In the Halloween spirit, also don’t miss the historical society’s special walking tour, Stories to Keep You Up at Night: Lantern Tour of Litchfield Historic District. The Oct. 20 tour is sold out, but spots were left (as of Oct. 17) for the Oct. 26 tour. The cost is $20 for non-members. Details and tickets are here:

See the historical society’s website to learn more its museums, exhibits, and ongoing series of special events. While the law school is located at 82 South St., the historical society and its museum – also open with free admission Wednesday through Sunday, are located at 7 South St. in the center of Litchfield. The phone number is  (860) 567-4501.